And when my trend tracking figures directed us to move back into the market

  How many times has this happened to you? You're at a social function and the conversation turns to investing. Pretty soon, people are comparing how well their investments are doing. As you might imagine,Wholesale Gyratory Crusher Parts Manufacturers being an investment advisor this happens to me a lot. However, I recently had an experience with it that startled me.Bob, one of the guys I was chatting with at a party, asked what kind of returns I had made for my clients with my methodical no load mutual fund strategy during the past year. I replied that they had unrealized gains of slightly over 29%, after management fees, for the 8 months that we were invested.Bob countered with a smirk that he had made a 40% return.

I raised my eyebrows and told him that was darn good-and suggested that maybe he ought to be managing my money. At that point we were interrupted and, as the evening went on, I began to wonder exactly how Bob had gotten his great return.I cornered him a little later on and, upon digging a little deeper, the story looked somewhat different. Yes, he had made a 40% return on a mutual fund he had some money invested in, however, we were comparing apples and bananas.He had a total portfolio of $100k. Being cautious, he had invested only $10k into a mutual fund, from which he profited $4k after he sold it. The balance of his portfolio ($90k) was sitting in a money market fund earning some 0.35% per year.

So, while he had made 40% on 10% of his investment, he had only made 4.35% on his whole portfolio. My methodology was also focused on protecting my clients' investments and it had increased their entire portfolio 29% (unrealized). That would be an apple to apple comparison when measuring my returns against his. Bob's one fund realized 40% return. However, had I approached it the same way Bob had, I could have described one of the funds I used that had realized over 49% for the same period.

Actually, Bob's not-so-good-news story didn't stop there. Bob admitted to having followed the losing Buy and Hope strategy through the bear market of 2000 and had finally sold out at a 50% loss a year ago, before committing $10k to a mutual fund investment.I was pleased to be able to tell him that my methodology had gotten my clients out of the market before the bear took his big bite, and they suffered only minimal losses before finding safety in money markets accounts.

And when my trend tracking figures directed us to move back into the market, they still had most of their money poised to start earning for them again-which it did and very nicely, thank you.The moral of the story is to look past the surface and don't take any numbers thrown at you at face value. Remember, most people returning from a weekend in Las Vegas will shout about their winnings and mumble about their losses.About The AuthorUlli Niemann is an investment advisor and has been writing about objective, methodical approaches to investing for over 10 years. He eluded the bear market of 2000 and has helped countless people make better investment decisions.

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The call of a job where people are required to work for a limited hours

  The call of a job where people are required to work for a limited hours, without the need of unnecessary hassles and above all, a good pay package, is highly alluring. In the recent years, the banking and financial sectors have seen a major heave in terms of expansion and hence job growth. The expansion is because of two basic reasons. One, which is a direct contributory factor, is the increasing number of public sector banks that are being opened in the smallest of the cities and towns, and the other reason that has a bearing on the increase in jobs, is the diversification of the work profile of the banks.

  Public sector banks or PSUs will be facing a manpower and human resource crunch in the coming days. And much of it would be contributed by the reasons as given above and minority of it is because of retirement of the existing people. To meet the requirement of the workforce, the banks are proposing to hire a whopping 45,000 offices and staffs for the banks. The bank jobs 2011 are therefore looking up for the aspiring candidates. And this is a direct conclusion from the requirements of more workforce as mentioned.

  To recruit people, there would be a number of probationary officer exams and bank clerical jobs which is good news as well as an opportunity for the millions of students who are aspiring to get into the jobs in the banking sector. The PSUs will be assisted by the institute of banking personnel section in the process which is a primary mode of recruitment since many years now.

  With the results of these exams, the banks jobs 2011 will be achieved by the candidates depending on their rankings and marks. The increase in number of banks is a horizontal expansion of the long term planning of the banks. But the job profiles will be looking at new avenues and prospects because of the vertical expansion in the form of new financial products.

  The foray of these nationalized banks into the mutual fund schemes, insurance policies and other financial dabbling will require new and skilled banking personnel to handle the large number of knowledgeable and inquisitive customers. The students who are interested in joining the banks in the coming years should make it a point to keep their eyes and ears open for the upcoming bank jobs 2011 so that they do not miss out on the enchanting possibility of carving a career in banking. They have to prepare for the theory exams as well as prepare for the interview rounds.

  The competition will be tough in the coming years as the lucrative bank jobs 2011 will be aspired by a huge number of candidates. They will have the opportunity to appear in the entrance exams that will be conducted by the different banks separately and will be recruited in the respective banks. This particular aspect of the banking jobs has been a big contribution by the government and a suitable opportunity for all those people who are willing to pursue a handsome career in the government.

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